Leveraging a Web Development Partner to Win More Proposals

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Has your agency ever had to turn down a potential client because you didn’t have the technical know-how or development bandwidth to tackle the feature-rich website programming the business is requesting? Unfortunately, turning down these clients means you don’t get to design the front-end of their website or take on any of the other creative work they need. Working with a web development partner agency will help expand your service offerings.

There are many opportunities with companies that could be great clients for you, but it becomes challenging for many creative agencies and marketing firms to win the job when the initial request is for a website that includes functions such as databases, third-party software integrations, and complex back-end coding. You excel at the creative design that the website requires, but your company is not a specialist in web development and maintenance.

That’s where Computer Courage comes in. We can actually help you win complex website projects and larger clients. Our team works with agencies every day and know exactly what matters to your design team and your clients.

We partner with you and assist with both your sales and proposal process – from estimating to budgeting to technology selection. As your web partner, we make it easy on you to pitch website projects by sharing our expertise. Our development experts give you proactive ideas related to the latest and greatest in online marketing and web functionality that will help you beat your competitors. We can be either a silent partner, (your prospects don’t know we exist), or a visible presence, helping you to field difficult technical questions at face-to-face sale meetings. Below is a list of specific benefits that we provide to agencies that want to win more website projects.

Benefits to working with web development partner agencies:

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1. You can win clients who you may not have had access to before.

Web development partner agencies like Computer Courage helps you with client acquisition. Our team of programmers and project managers allows you to broaden your capabilities so you can win larger website projects with complex requirements. And, we can start working with you early in your sales cycle, working beside you to help develop the website proposal and strategy that will meet all of your clients’ complex programming requests.

Leveraging our team’s deep background in web development, we can actually help shorten the sales cycle. Then, once you win the job, you handle the creative and marketing strategy and we make the programming happen. We are there every step of the way helping your team to fulfill the web development.

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2. Remove the guesswork from pitching web development services.

Working with Computer Courage early in your sales process will help you improve the information you provide to your prospect and to your design team. Our digital strategists know exactly what technical questions that are essential to ask up front. This means your team won’t have to spend extra time fielding questions between prospects, designers, and developers, which can lead to missed pieces of the project requirements. Computer Courage assists you in getting all of the essential information into the proposal so your project will launch smoothly with all of the requisite features.

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3. Reduce the risk of web development

While your team has the creative vision and strategy for your clients’ website, it can be difficult to accurately scope and budget the programming because you don’t understand all of the technology requirements. This can result in scope creep, overages, and lost profits. Working with Computer Courage removes this risk. We will work closely with your team to make sure you select the right technology and plan the project correctly from the very beginning.

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4. Set the right budget, timeline, and scope.

Our strategists will be your source of advice and guidance as you put together your website proposal. We will help you set a clear vision of the scope of the new website with a comprehensive list of functionality requirements, development milestones, bug testing plan, and security needs. This will help you accurately set the right budget and timeline so that your client’s websites launches on time. Our developers and project manager will stay in close contact with your team so designs, technology, and code are all in alignment, and the project stays on track.

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5. Help your client retention.

Web development is merely one aspect of your clients’ needs. With Computer Courage partnering at your side, you can also provide your clients with additional WordPress functionality, hosting, technical troubleshooting, and even IT services. We help you become a full-service agency with your clients so they turn to your agency for everything, increasing your retention and customer lifetime value. We also make it easy for you to expand your services and get more jobs from past, present, and new clients.

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6. Save time, money, and staff resources.

We take our web development partnerships very seriously and are absolutely committed to your agency’s success. This means we do everything we can to help you make the very best decisions both during the process of putting together your website proposal, as well as during the project. Working with Computer Courage will not only alleviate your web development problems and take pressure off your staff, but we’ll actually work to save your agency time and money.

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7. Peace of mind.

With Computer Courage as your web development partner, you plug into a team of experts, with a variety of skills. You get access to a range of talent including developers, UX experts, and project managers, as well as our well-honed processes for moving a website development project forward on time and on budget. All of our developers follow industry-recognized best practices ensuring a high-performance, fast website with clean code. This ensures your client websites run their best – both at launch as well as in the future.

We also provide long-term website maintenance to ensure all of your websites are secure with ongoing support for you or your client. Changes, updates, revisions, new features, and even training are all no problem!

Computer Courage supports agencies as a white-label website development team with a dedicated crew of experts and skills. We will work with you early in your sales and proposal process to help you win more business and increase your profitability. This allows your agency to free up your team, make more money, and concentrate on your creative projects.

We would love to talk with you about your next website project or proposal. Call us today at 510-525-2226 or send a message.

Computer Courage will be closed on May 29th for Memorial Day