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If you run your own design, marketing, or advertising firm, then you know how vital websites are to your clients’ businesses. And you’ve probably earned a reputation for designing creative and innovative solutions. Unfortunately, once you go through the process of building a website, you can’t just leave it languishing.

A website can look stale over time compared to competitors, hurting your client’s brand. Or, it can slow down due to outdated software and errors, which can hurt the website’s ranking in search engines. Worst of all, a site may develop security exploits making it vulnerable to malware.

Providing ongoing support and maintenance of websites is not your core focus. But your clients keep asking for support and updates – a content tweak here, a plugin update there, and the perpetual: “Could you just spend a few minutes to…” You are already busy as it is – all of this takes time that your team doesn’t have. And, since it’s not your core function, it can be an unprofitable headache for you.

The good news is that you can outsource your clients’ website support and maintenance. Computer Courage supports agencies as a white-label website maintenance team with a dedicated crew of experts and skills.

Here are the top benefits of working with Computer Courage on website security, maintenance, and improvements:

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Once a website is live, it’s important to protect your client’s investment from malware, viruses, and hackers. We will keep your clients’ websites safe. Our team of expert developers ensure your sites have the latest protections, get backed up in multiple locations daily, and are free from security vulnerabilities.

In fact, we are so committed to your websites’ security, that Computer Courage provides a “Hack Protection Guarantee.” This means that if a site is hacked while under our care, we will quickly restore it from a back-up and fix it – free of charge.

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Routine website maintenance

The Computer Courage team will also keep your clients’ websites updated, maintained, and running smoothly and fast. We monitor and update your plugins, the WordPress core, and support upgrade compatibility to ensure all of the code and software on your site is working well together.

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Continuous improvements

Most agencies want to provide great service to their clients over time, but just aren’t equipped to handle ongoing upgrades. At Computer Courage, we have created a systematic and effective process for handling continuous improvements.

When you work with us, you’ll have an account manager who you can contact whenever your client has a requirement of request. Common updates include revisions and changes to content, graphics, web pages, functionality, new technology. Plus, we are always working on improving website technology and identifying trends – our strategists will be an ongoing source of advice and information for you so you don’t have to waste your time trying to keep up but can offer your clients the very best service.

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Even with the best monitoring and security, there are occasions when  emergencies happen. This could be a server-level glitch that disrupts a website, a bot or hack, or good old human error when someone on your client’s team tries to update a page, content, or plugin. And when a crisis does occur, your clients will want their website to be fixed as soon as possible.

If your client’s site goes down for any reason, the Computer Courage team is only one phone call away. Whether you already have us on retainer for maintenance, or you have just found out from your client that their site is down, our team can help you troubleshoot the cause of the issue and then get it repaired and performing ASAP.

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Local small business partner/support

The strength of our incredible service is that we are real people at a small business, not a huge, faceless corporation with overseas developers. Too many systems and companies put the focus on products or the bottom line, creating an environment where users are left without knowledgeable or friendly support and without easy to use websites.

Our mission is to change that with friendly, local, professional support. We are here for your agency AND for your clients whenever you need us. We can be your development experts so you can do what you do best – creative and innovating!

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We follow industry best practices

If you attempt to work with various freelancers to maintain your clients’ websites, you risk messy source code because they do not have standard process. This can lead to security vulnerabilities, site slow down, plugin integration issues, and performance problems. In contrast, Computer Courage has well-honed processes and all of our developers are expert developers who follow industry-recognized best practices ensuring a high-performance website with clean code. This ensures your client websites run their best.

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We are focused on your clients' success

Agencies turn to us because we allow them to plug into a team of experts, with a variety of skills. You get access to a range of talent including developers, UX experts, and project managers, as well as our well-honed processes for keeping websites secure and updated.

We’ll work alongside you to fulfill your clients’ needs – either as a silent partner, (your clients don’t know we exist), or as a visible presence, helping you to field difficult technical questions at face-to-face meetings with your clients.

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Management and tracking

We have sophisticated systems to manage and track what it happening with your clients’ websites. This means that you can rest assured that we continuously monitor your clients’ websites for security issues, block thousands of known attackers, update WordPress and plugins, and have redundant backup processes. These foundational performance and security issues are taken care of while you focus on your core business functions. We’ll send regular reports to you and your clients so you can stay apprised of each website’s health.  

Solution to your website development needs

Support and maintenance of your clients’ website is critical but they require specific expertise and systems. Trying to build this service in-house can be a drain on your resources and a distraction from your core offerings. Working with Computer Courage can help you address your clients’ expectations and increase your profitability. Plus, your agency can free up your team to concentrate on creative projects.

Ready to end your website maintenance headaches and meet all of your clients’ business goals? Call us today at 510-525-2226 or send a message.

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