Top Suggested Website Features for 2017

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In the first few months of 2017, we at Computer Courage have received many requests for improvements to our clients’ websites. We’ve created a list of our top recommended features:

1. Responsive Website

One of the most important features for any website is for it to be responsive and work well on phones, tablets, as well as on larger displays. This increases visitor engagement, inquiries, and general interest in your business.

2. Design Refresh

A Design Refresh is an easy way to take an existing website and make it better. Many websites have great functionality, but over time the design becomes outdated. The Design Refresh involves keeping the core features, while improving the fonts, layout, and sometimes colors of the site.

3. Billing Integration & Online Payments

Integration with payment systems like Stripe or PayPal have become standard for our clients’ websites. We have developed a solution called Billpay which allows your customers to pay invoices online via Credit Card.

Is your site in good shape?

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