How to Update your Office Address Online

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We just moved from Berkeley to a new office in Emeryville. Part of our moving process included changing our office address on all of our online profiles. We were surprised by how many different websites contained our old mailing address. Some sites even had older addresses from years ago. We worked hard to update our address in as many online services as possible, and would like to share our findings with you.

Have you recently moved locations?  Want to make sure your clients can find you? We’ve compiled a list of the most common places where potential clients and customers will look for your address online. The list also contains instructions for how to edit your listing where applicable.  Updating your address across many services is tricky, but important, even if you haven’t moved recently.

Take some time to verify that your business address is correct in the following places:

Your Website

Google for Business


Your Email Newsletter

Your Email Signature



Yahoo Local