Two Degrees Food

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Computer Courage is proud to announce the (re)launch of  Two Degrees makes excellent nutrition bars which also have a social benefit – for every bar purchased a nutrition pack is sent to a hungry child.

Two Degrees approached Computer Courage two months ago looking for help.  They had a live website, a pretty good looking one too, but it was giving them trouble.  The web design company who had originally built the site had not adhered to good programming principles.  The site technically worked, but was riddled inside with flaws and problems.

Computer Courage completely reprogrammed the site in collaboration with a few contractors.  Using WordPress, we integrated an eCommerce plugin for an easy shopping experience, integrated a fulfillment system, integrated FaceBook, added a custom shipping module, and customized the backend interface to Two Degrees’ needs.

We’re very proud of this project and we highly recommend Two Degrees bars.  Check them out today.

A special shot out to Mangrove Web Development and Suguna Subramaniam for all the great collab!