Web Development Project Workflow

Project Workflow Steps: 1. Website Design, 2. Content Management, 3. Functionality & Integration, 4. Goals & Results

The Four Elements of a Website

At Computer Courage, we use a simple paradigm for understanding and building websites. We call it the “Four Elements of a Website”. We use this model to help you evaluate your own site, price out new projects, and give you a better understanding of the web. As you read about the Four Elements below, think about how your website does or does not achieve your goals with regard to each element.

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1. Website Design

Does your website have a modern, professional look? Does it match your other marketing materials, such as business cards and brochures? Is your layout clear and is it easy for visitors to quickly understand the nature of your business, and to find what they need? At Computer Courage, all of our designs are 100% original and custom to each client.

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2. Content Management

Is your website outdated? Can you easily make changes to your site? At Computer Courage, we build websites on WordPress technology, allowing you to edit your own site with the WordPress CMS (Content Management System). WordPress requires no software or programming knowledge. You can log into your site and post new articles, edit the homepage, or add photos and videos. Our websites all come with marketing consultation to help you think about what content you want to show your visitors, and how to optimize that content to turn them into customers

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3. Functionality & Integration

What can your website do? Do you offer a blog, e-commerce, user forums, contact forms, or calendars? Is your website searchable, linked to social networks, and user interactive? Offering real functionality on a website is one of the best ways to make it stand out and make it more useful for your visitors. At Computer Courage, we harness the power of WordPress Plugins (we’ve even written a few ourselves) to add powerful functionality to your site at reasonable costs.

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4. Goals & Results

Is your website achieving its goals? Building a new site is worth nothing if it doesn’t bring you customers. To get more customers, you need to drive more visitors the site and you need to convert visitors into customers. We help our clients with both of these factors. Our websites are all Search Engine Friendly with automatic Google sitemap submission and other tools built in. We offer professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. We sit down with every customer and consult them on ways to adjust their website to improve conversions.

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