5 Ways to Automate Your Small Business Processes with Gravity Forms and WordPress

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What are Gravity Forms?

Did you know that you can use Gravity Forms to automate business processes like customer support, order forms, and invoice payments? Here at Computer Courage we love showing our clients how a time consuming task like responding to and routing contest requests can easily be automated using a simple Gravity Form. Voila!

Gravity Forms is a simple to use form builder tool that plugs right into your WordPress control panel. The features include a visual form builder, confirmation emails, conditional logic, multi-page forms and form entry management.

Rather than just waxing on about the features of Gravity Forms, let’s just a take a look at how our real live clients are using Gravity Forms and Word Press to automate their business interactions.

How Gravity Forms Automate Your Business Transactions

1. Collect Donations and Process Credit Cards
The Berkeley Public School Funds collects donations through a Gravity Form on their Donation page. The form collects information from the donor on how the donation should be used. We used the Stripe payment processing system in conjunction with the form to process credit card donations.

Donate Online   Berkeley Public Schools Fund

2. Intake Form for New Clients with Conditional Logic
MN Builders employs a Gravity Form on their contact page to collect project information from new leads. The form fields change if the lead chooses Residential, Commercial, or Other as the Project Type.

Change My Life    MN Builders   Construction  Custom Cabinetry and Millwork   Residential and Commercial   San Francisco Bay Area

3. Process student enrollment and tuition payment
Power Sewing uses a Gravity Form to enroll students in their online sewing education program. The form allows the student to select the type of membership and then passes the information to PayPal to collect payment. Notice how the Gravity Form is styled to match the theme of the website.

Power Sewing WebTV Enrollment. Subscribe today    Power Sewing

4. Collect your invoice payments online
Here at Computer Courage we use Gravity Forms on our website so that our client’s can pay their invoices online. The payment form is connected to the Stripe credit card processing service. When the gravity forms is completed our Accounting department receives an email notification that a bill has been paid. The payments can be exported from Gravity Forms and into our accounting software.

Pay Your Bill Online   Computer Courage  Computer Repair Berkeley  Web Design San Francisco Bay Area

5. Generate New User Accounts
Encore Baby Registry uses Gravity Forms to generate new accounts and passwords for their online baby registry service. The form features a secuity “Captcha” to reduce spam account creation. Once the form is completed an email is sent to the new user with their account information and a custom welcome message.

Create an Account   Encore Second Hand Baby Registry


What’s Next?

We limited this list to just five use cases for Gravity Forms but there are many more! When it comes to form functinality and integration the answer is almost always “YES!” with Gravity Forms.

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