Announcing Our First Public WordPress Plugin

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Computer Courage loves WordPress.  We’ve already told you our top 10 reasons to use WordPress for your site, and we have been thrilled to see WordPress grow.  Did you know that earlier this week new statistics revealed that WordPress runs over 50 million sites?  That’s purported to be almost 20% of the world wide web.  It looks like WordPress is the platform of the future!

Today we’re proud to announce the release of our latest WordPress plugin, and our first public plugin.  The plugin is called Custom WP Update Message and it performs a basic (but very practical) purpose.  WordPress has a very easy update functionality built right in, allowing site administrators to upgrade to new versions of WordPress with a single click.  This is phenomenal for important security updates, allowing non-technical site administrators to secure their site easily.  However, some updates are more complex than a simple security fix, adding new features and changing WordPress.  These updates can sometimes be problematic, causing incompatibilities with older plugins or custom theme code.

Custom WP Update Message allows web developers (like ourselves) to customize this update message.  Developers can put their own contact information into the update message so that clients know to call or email before going forward with the update.  Developers can also put in a special message, or just turn off updating for certain types of users.  See the preview below.

Custom WP Update Message is free and open source, available via or directly through your WordPress dashboard in the Add New Plugins section.  If you have any suggestions for improvements, please share!