About Computer Courage

Technology today is complicated and constantly changing, yet comes with no instruction manual. Computer Courage aims to fix this by providing personal, expert IT support.

customer listening to tablet with tea

Commitment to the User

Computer Courage has always put the user first. Too many systems and companies put the focus on products or the bottom line, creating an environment where users are left without knowledgeable or friendly support. Our mission is to change that with friendly, local, professional support.

customer listening to tablet with tea
IT technician working on laptop

Commitment to Our Team

Computer Courage grew from a one man operation in the basement of founder Adam Schwartz’s home. Today we support a full team of  IT professionals and their families with job opportunities, health care, and a positive work environment. Our growing team of friendly experts is our most important asset.

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Commitment to Professionalism

We aim to be more than just technically proficient and knowledgeable; we aim to provide professional, accountable solutions and service to our customers. You’ll see the difference at every step of the way – communication, project management, service, and follow up.

Computer Courage Group Staff Photo
We've moved - Our new address is: 1500 Park Ave #200 Emeryville, CA 94608