Meet the Team

Each member of the Computer Courage staff represents our company philosophy of friendly support, helpful explanation, and professional knowledge.

Photo of Adam Schwartz
Adam Schwartz CEO & Founder
Photo of Sam Morris
Sam Morris Director of Web Services
Photo of Kyla Garrow
Kyla Garrow Web Operations Manager
Photo of Eric Stroo
Eric Stroo Director of Strategy
Photo of Gina Nowicki
Gina Nowicki Director of Brand Marketing
Photo of Wesley Lai
Wesley Lai Senior Digital Strategist
Photo of Michael Rutledge
Michael Rutledge Web Project Manager
Photo of Mindy Lue
Mindy Lue Lead Web Developer
Photo of Kyle Tripp
Kyle Tripp Senior Web Developer
Photo of Spencer Perry
Spencer Perry Director of IT Services
Photo of Marrion Cruz
Marrion Cruz IT Project Manager
Photo of Dewey Sprenzel
Dewey Sprenzel Technical Account Manager
Photo of Betsy Ami
Betsy Ami Senior Technician
Photo of Matthew Coulter
Matthew Coulter Senior Technician
Photo of Arlo Fishman
Arlo Fishman Senior Technician
Photo of Evelyn Belt
Evelyn Belt Senior Technician
Photo of Jason Kahn
Jason Kahn Technician
Photo of James Matarrese
James Matarrese Technician
Photo of Jake Feuerbacher
Jake Feuerbacher Technician
Photo of Adam Daniels
Adam Daniels Technician
Photo of Vineet Kumar
Vineet Kumar Technician
Photo of Ali Boraqi
Ali Boraqi Technician
Photo of Alyssa Tojino
Alyssa Tojino Dispatcher