Securing Your Zoom and Video Conference Meetings

Video Conferencing

Introduction In the wake of COVID-19 organizations are making extensive use of Zoom and other teleconferencing technologies. Like any technology, these platforms can provide productivity benefits but also security risks. Read more to see how to secure your organization’s video conferences. Video Conferencing Risks Zoom and other platforms often default to very “open” meetings for...
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Work From Home Guidance And COVID-19 Update

In the wake of COVID-19, Computer Courage is fully operational (with an emphasis on remote service) and working diligently with customers to provide guidance and support for remote work technology and configuration. We have excellent resources available to our clients to help you adapt to the changing work environment. Today we are also announcing a...
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How to Understand and Avoid Phishing Scams

Phishing email scams are a very dangerous trend in online security. These scams are nearly impervious to antivirus and security software because they trick users into voluntarily giving up their account credentials without the use of viruses or malicious software. This article is intended to help you identify, understand, and avoid these scams and the dangers...
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Gmail and Google Apps Allow for Extra Storage (Finally)

Until today, Gmail accounts have been limited in storage at 10GB (personal) or 25GB (storage). This has been a recurring problem for some of our business customers who work with large attachments. Today, Google has announced a terrific solution. Starting in a few weeks, Google Drive and Gmail storage are becoming unified.  This has a...
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Should my Business use DropBox or a Traditional Server?

Businesses today are facing a new challenge when it comes to storing, sharing, and backing up their company files.  Historically, every company’s data was stored on a server, and accessed by workstations in the office.  The server was able to store large volumes of data, centralize the backup responsibility, and share files with advanced permissions...
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