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antivirus_lThis is a quick note to our customers about the Conficker Worm.  We have received a lot of questions about the virus and want to let you know what to do and how to protect yourself.

The media has taken to the story that this virus will be attacking computers tomorrow, April 1st.  The virus even appeared on 60 minutes last night.

Bottom Line: This is a Windows-only issue (Macs are unaffected).  If you update your copy of Windows and your antivirus software, you will be safe from this worm.

The Conficker worm is not intended to destroy your computer or your data.  The goal of the worm is to spread itself and to use your computer to send spam and make money by masquerading as antivirus/antispyware software.  You can easily get infected with the worm without knowing it, or be tricked into giving it money in a supposed purchase of antivirus software.  Here’s what you need to do to prepare.

Step 1 – Update Windows.  Open up Internet Explorer (not Firefox) and go to  Do all the urgent or required updates.

Step 2 – Verify your antivirus software is on and up-to-date.  You should have a “resident” (always running) antivirus software installed such as Norton, McAfee, AVG, Trend Micro, etc.  Open your antivirus and see if it is running and updated.  Update it if it is not.  You can also go to Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Security Center to verify that antivirus is running.

Warning Signs – If you see any new and suspicious software on your computer in the next few days, particularly any popups claiming to be antivirus or antispyware software, you may have the virus.  Give us a call immediately to discuss next steps.

Optional Step 3 – Run MalwareBytes Antimalware.  You can get this terrific little scanner from  Use it in addition to your resident antivirus software to scan for any infections.  Run this today, and tomorrow to be sure.

Also – Don’t go around googling the term “conficker” and clicking on results – that’s an easy way to get infected!

If you have more questions about Conficker or antivirus in general, remember you can always call us at 510-525-2226 or email us to get in touch and we’ll help you out.

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