Computer Courage Needs Your Yelp! (Updated)

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(Update – The response to our yelp request has been fabulous – 2 days later we have 19 5 star reviews – thanks everyone – this is a wonderful response.)

This is a quick message to our base of loyal customers and supporters, reminding you that if you are satisfied with our service, there’s a quick and easy way to help us grow.  Our first two years have been an absolute pleasure.  We’ve been able to help people and businesses use their computers effectively, boost their business with websites, and get help in computer emergencies.  Our customers have always been our first priority; as you know we really value the human interactions and the personal side of computing – we love to help people and to resolve problems.

Over the last few years, we’ve received some really wonderful feedback.  People have been very kind to respond with feedback about our service, our technicians, our web sites, and our attention to detail.  If you’ve had a similar experience, we would love it if you would share with the world through (or other review sites.)  As you all know, is a business review site, and it’s a force that can make or break businesses in today’s economy.  In just 5 minutes, you can sign up for a Yelp account and write a review for Computer Courage.  We’ve had two wonderful reviews so far (both 5 stars, though one was inexplicably deleted by Yelp.)  In order to compete, we need more!

Our Yelp listing is at  Please give us a review when you can!

You can sign up for an account and write a Yelp review on the spot.  Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
Adam Schwartz and the Computer Courage Team

Computer Courage, a computer services company in the San Francisco Bay Area, is offering this blog to customers and friends who want to stay informed about current computer issues.  Computer Courage provides IT services and computer support to home and business users, as well as web design and search engine optimization.

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