AVG Power Tip – Disable Notifications

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AVG Antivirus 8 FreeAs our loyal customers know, we at Computer Courage are big fans fo AVG Antivirus Free Edition.  We also like to educate everyone about viruses, spyware, and virus removal.

Some of our customers have been complaining about AVG’s update warnings recently.  Sure enough, we’ve also noticed that AVG doesn’t always manage to successfully update its virus definitions every day.  This can be pretty annoying.  The good news is that as AVG always eventually gets the job done, and it’s probably not too dangerous to be a day or two behind on virus definitions.

Still, we’ve come up with a quick guide to make AVG a little less annoying.  Follow these steps to disable the AVG warnings.  This way, you won’t be notified every time AVG can’t do an update.  Caution – use this power tip at your own risk and always pay attention to AVG’s status – you want to take action immediately if AVG does find a virus.

How to disable AVG auto-notifications:

1. Double click on the AVG icon on your desktop or your system tray.
2. Tools -> Advanced Settings

3. Uncheck “Display tray notifications about update.”

AVG Antivirus Menu

Alternatively, you can just disable the main box – “Display system tray notifications.”  But this is a bit dangerous as you could miss important notifications from the Resident Shield.

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