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Computer Courage is up for the “Best of BayList” contest at  We’re going for “Best Computer Services”. It’s super easy to vote for us (just a quick 1 page registration), just go to our voting page here and click “VOTE”.  That’s it! Thanks for your support – please vote for us today! -Adam and the...
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How To Replace AVG Free Antivirus with Microsoft Security Essentials

Computer Courage has been recommending AVG Free Anvitivirus for years, but alas the times have changed.  We are crowning a new king of the free consumer antivirus world, and it comes from Microsoft (of all companies).  Computer Courage now recommends Microsoft Security Essentials for most home users.  It’s free, fast, and very effective.  If you...
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Computer Courage is on Twitter

Not wanting to be left out, Computer Courage has joined twitter.  You can follow our blog entries, site launches, random rants, and web design ideas over at  If you have questions about Twitter or other social networking tools, search engine optimization, web development, computer repair in the San Francisco Bay Area, etc., just contact...
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Computer Courage will be closed on May 29th for Memorial Day