DropSend – Send Large Attachments Easily (and for free) (Mac and PC)

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Ever been frustrated trying to send a large file by attachments?  We’ve had a lot of clients and friends asking about sending large files recently, so I wanted to share an awesome program with you all.

The problem: E-mail was never designed to handle sending large attachments.  Most servers have limits on how large a file you can send.  While those limits have been increasing (Google is up to 10 Megabyte attachments,) it’s still not enough.  Even if your large file is within the allowed attachment limit, it’s still a pain to send files over a few megabytes by email – it often locks up Outlook or your web browser while the file is transferred.

The answer: A slew of companies have come to the rescue in the last few years to handle this.  They provide applications and websites that let you upload the file to a server, and then send a small, attachment-free email to your recipient informing them that the file is available to download.  We’ve tried a few of these, and recently have been impressed by DropSend.

DropSend is free.  It is Mac and PC compatible.  It lets you keep a file history for easy re-sending.   It has a desktop upload tool for really big files.  It just works.

Give DropSend a chance by visiting their website.

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