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Google Reminds Us Of Why Google Apps is Great

The Official Google Enterprise Blog has released a thorough recap of all of the amazing benefits and features of Gmail and Google Calendar for Business.  At Computer Courage, we use Google Apps on a daily basis – it sits patiently in the cloud allowing us to perform powerful email and calendaring tasks.  Google’s list of...
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Holiday Tech Gift Guide 2010

Our customers are always asking us for holiday gift ideas here at Computer Courage, so I thought I’d take a moment to give you all some recommendations on great tech gift ideas for the 2010 holiday season.  I’ve personally used all of the products recommended here, and think any of them would make great gifts. ...
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Google Goes Offline with Mail and Calendar

We’ve been waiting for this one for some time.  Google has finally released offline access for Gmail and Google Calendar.  This is seriously cool stuff. As many of our clients know, we are firm beleivers in Google Applications.  Gmail is fast and universally accessible, Google Calendar can be synced to any device, and Google Documents...
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Going Green Part 2 – Getting Seriously Energy Efficient

We’ve posted about making your PC go green before, but recently I came across an impressively sophisticated piece of software that can be of great help.  Called Edison, from Verdeim Software ( this program will allow you to track your PC’s energy consumption, carbon footprint, and even energy savings, while supplying you with very sophisticated...
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How To Run Windows on a Mac

For those of us out there who love Macs, but just can’t completely escape from the world of Windows, there are many really good ways to run Windows programs on a Mac. This week, one of our favorites just got better.  Before I explain, let’s talk about how we Windows lovers (or those of us...
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Phishing – How To Avoid Being Scammed Via Email

At Computer Courage, we help a lot of customers recover data and passwords, remove viruses and spyware, and restore computer systems.  One thing we can’t help you with, however, is stolen identity and/or stolen funds.  The modern age of computing has brought us many conveniences – I pay almost all of my bills online.  Along...
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Make Your PC Greener

Everyone is trying to do their part for the environment these days, and we get a lot of questions about the impact of computers on the environment.  Here are a few tips that can help you out. The biggest environmental impact your PC makes is power.  Every hour your PC is on is more energy...
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