Firefox 3 Is Coming – And Looks Amazing

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Those of you who have used our services, or read our blogs, know that we prefer Mozilla Firefox over Microsoft Internet Explorer. Since before version 1.0, Firefox has been easier to use, safer, and more feature-rich than IE. The rest of the world is slowly realizing this, as Firefox’s share of the marketplace has been rising steadily over the years.

Firefox, currently at version, still has its problems. The program is known to hog too much memory (which can kill system performance), occasionally crash, and has had all of its unique features (like tabs) copied by Microsoft and Apple. Fear not, however, because Firefox 3 is coming in June and looks like something special.
I just came across an awesome screencast from the good folks at Mozilla showing off some intriguing new features. Among the most impressive were site security auditing, easier bookmark system, and an automatic and instant search feature – the search feature automatically searches through your history and bookmarks to find sites you’ve visited before. Very impressive.