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With the cost of everything rising through the roof, everyone is looking for a good discount.  I’ve been meaning to share one of my favorite resources for a while now –  GotApex, which has a very strange name, is one of those discount sites on the internet that scours for coupons and deals and posts them to their site.  They make money by advertising on the websites.

These guys really scour the website carefully.  You can reap the benefit.  Just go to when you want some Dell products, and take a look at their listings.  They almost always have a deal on a Dell laptop and a desktop.  They give nice, careful instructions on exactly how to benefit from the discount.

One note: don’t be afraid if they recommend buying a computer from the Small Business section.  Any individual counts as a small business – you are definitely entitled to a Dell Vostro computer.  And speaking of Vostro computers, the Vostro is one of our favorite desktop and laptop models.  If you’d like help configuring one for your business or home, just contact us!

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