Going Green Part 2 – Getting Seriously Energy Efficient

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We’ve posted about making your PC go green before, but recently I came across an impressively sophisticated piece of software that can be of great help.  Called Edison, from Verdeim Software (http://www.verdiem.com/) this program will allow you to track your PC’s energy consumption, carbon footprint, and even energy savings, while supplying you with very sophisticated (and effective, we believe) options to keep your PC greener.

For PCs, the name of the environmental game is energy consumption – how little energy can you burn while still getting things done?  Companies like Apple are going a little further these days, creating laptops and computers in a more environmentally friendly process, using more recyclable materials.  But if you can’t shell out the big $$$ for a new MacBook Pro, Edison can help your today.

For Windows only (see our previous “green” post for some tips on keeping your Mac greener,) Edison has some fantastic options.  We all know telling your system to hibernate after 10 minutes is good for the enviornment, but it can be a pain for some.  With Edison, you can have different power schemes during day and night (let the system hibernate after 5 of inactivity at night, and after 30 minutes of activity during the day.)

Edison’s reporting features are fascinating as well.  You can watch how much money, carbon, and electricity you are saving, and brag to your friends.  Best of all, Edison is free (though you do have to sign up with them to use it.)   Happy savings to everyone.