Computer Courage Helps Send Computers to Haiti (updated)

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(Update) – We received new pics of the students with the laptops, skip to the bottom to see them.

In the wake of the devastating earthquake in Haiti last year, over one million people in Haiti are homeless.  In the face of tragedy, some brave people like Serena Clayton from the California School Health Centers Association (a client of ours) manage to step up and make a difference.

Serena approached us a few weeks ago to ask if we could help refurbish some donated laptops (PC and Mac) so she could personally deliver them to a needy school in Haiti (one of her many volunteer trips to the country).  We proudly refurbished 5 laptops for the school to use, complete with fresh installations of the operating system, antivirus, and various free tools for the kids and teachers to use.

You can read more about the school (Kenscoff Heart of Worship School), the teacher (Robenson Cesar) and Serena’s experiences in Haiti here.

Update: Here are the new pics of the kids with the laptops:



  • I received an update from Serena, and wanted to share it with my readers. Please see below:

    Dear friends who donated to my recent or previous Haiti trip,

    I want to extend a huge thank you to all of you and give you an update on my trip. I was very happy that I raised the money I needed to buy a generator for the school as well as desks for all the kids. I also brought five laptops donated by some of you and cleaned by Computer Courage. I am particularly interested in this school because I think the founder/director is a very special person, and I want to see his school succeed.

    I was excited to meet the principal of another Sionfonds school, on top of a mountain and accessible only by foot, who is a very strong, impressive woman. She has secured a donation of rice, and Sionfonds will be paying just $658 to buy oil and spices to feed all 350 kids lunch for the month of May. I interviewed her and you can read the story of the school here. The school was actually started by her father who is a farmer, and many of the teachers are her siblings.

    The medical team conducted clinics at the three schools supported by Sionfonds and held two clinics in a small town at the very end of Haiti. We treated over 2,000 people and pulled over 500 rotten teeth. We also did well-checks and fluoride treatment for over 300 school kids.

    My next interests in Haiti are helping get more training for the teachers in Sionfonds’ schools (many have a high school or college degree but no teacher training); exploring the possibility of creating a lunch program with foods purchased in the school community (as opposed to elsewhere in Haiti or imported from the U.S. as, sadly, most rice is no longer grown in Haiti due to our export and aid policies that have undermined local farmers); and helping to expand the programs and grade levels in these schools.

    If you are interested in these or any other projects in Haiti, getting involved or even going to Haiti please let me know! Sionfonds is basically created by people who want to make things happen in Haiti.

    So again, a big thank you to everyone who helped with this effort! More information is available on and I have pictures posted on Facebook.

    P.S. As far as how things are faring after the earthquake, I can say that a lot of damaged buildings have been torn down and rubble has been cleared. There is not a lot of new construction evident, and I still saw very few temporary houses (made of wood rather than tarps). However the tent city across from our hotel had quite a bit of empty space where people had moved out, so there must be some better options available.

  • Hi,

    It is good News that your next interests in Haiti are helping get more training for the teachers in Sionfonds’ schools.


  • Dear Friend:
    My husband & I went to Haiti and visited 3 orphanages and 2 widows’ homes near Port au Prince in eary May, 2012. Our plans are to go back there in July. We are waiting on all the support to come in for us to go. One of the security guards there with whom we became friends with asked us if we were able to get him a laptop. We have been searching everywhere to find him one that is used but in good condition.
    Are you still working to supply schools there with computers? We will be working with a school, and would like to take them computers. We are also going to be screening in a porch on the orphanage, and bringing supplies like cloth diapers and toiletries. Do you have any contacts that would be interested in helping us? Please let me know. Thanks, Julia

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