Google Reminds Us Of Why Google Apps is Great

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The Official Google Enterprise Blog has released a thorough recap of all of the amazing benefits and features of Gmail and Google Calendar for Business.  At Computer Courage, we use Google Apps on a daily basis – it sits patiently in the cloud allowing us to perform powerful email and calendaring tasks.  Google’s list of features (see link below) is broad and impressive.  We are avid users (and installers) of Google Apps here at Computer Courage, and believe that Google Apps is an affordable and amazingly powerful upgrade for almost any small business.

At Computer Courage, some of our favorite and most frequently Google Apps tools include:

  • Gmail interface (especially the new interface) allows us to search through gigs of email, and to store contacts.  We have a near-perfect spam filter and 25 gigs of storage each.
  • Google Calendar lets us share calendars and easily see them on the desktop or mobile interface – we have 10 calendars shared.
  • The mobile interface is amazing, allowing us to sync with iPhones, Android, BlackBerry, etc.
  • The Outlook plugin allows us to have a Microsoft Exchange-like experience with all of Gmail/Google Calendar features in the familiar Outlook interface.
  • The reliability and uptime are incredible.  To put it simply, it practically never goes down.

That’s just a start, Google’s impressive blog article is a great read if you need convincing on the power of Google Apps over simple free email solutions or as a comparison to the new Office 365 from Microsoft.  If you want any help selecting a cloud-based corporate email system for your company, contact us for a free consultation.  Computer Courage is an authorized Google Apps Reseller.

Link – A look back as we move ahead: Gmail and Google Calendar – Google Enterprise Blog



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