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Website Accessibility: Making Your Website ADA Compliant in 2018

Website accessibility (ADA Compliance) is a critical component of what we do at Computer Courage. Websites exist to send and receive information with visitors, and website accessibility is important so that everyone be able to access information. When we consider all of the users who will access the websites of our clients, we must take…
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Ask a Web Designer for Examples

web designer

Ask for Examples This post is part of the series “Ten Questions to Ask a Web Designer Before Signing”.  You can read the complete list of questions here. One of the first questions you should ask a potential designer is  “Can I see examples of your work that are specific to my business or website goals?”…
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Computer Courage Builds WordPress Website for UC Berkeley School of Law

WordPress design and development agency Computer Courage has launched a custom installation for top-ranked law school, UC Berkeley School of Law. The previous site was built on an outdated proprietary system with limited functionality and integration option. The new site features a modern responsive design, a custom WordPress dashboard, and integration with the University single…
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Ten Questions To Ask a Web Designer Before Signing

question ask a web designer

Ask More Questions Selecting an individual or agency to design and develop your website can be difficult.  Your website is a vital part of your organization or business and it’s import that the designer you choose has the experience and professionalism required to act as your partner through the entire development process and beyond.  We’ve…
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Windows 10 – Should You Upgrade?

Windows 10 is here, and it’s here to stay. Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 is the “last” version of Windows, and that all updates to the operating system will be part of Windows 10 from now on. Windows 10 is a free upgrade available for download at the click of a button, and Microsoft has…
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How to Understand and Avoid Phishing Scams

Phishing email scams are a very dangerous trend in online security. These scams are nearly impervious to antivirus and security software because they trick users into voluntarily giving up their account credentials without the use of viruses or malicious software. This article is intended to help you identify, understand, and avoid these scams and the dangers…
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The Heartbleed Bug: Our Statement and Recommendations

The “Heartbleed bug” (formally named CVE-2014-0160) is a critical security bug discovered in some versions of OpenSSL (a piece of software that provides encryption on a large number of websites throughout the world). This bug can be exploited by hackers to read bits memory from of a protected server. The exposed memory could contain anything…
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LogMeIn Free is Gone, What To Do?

Many of our customers have been receiving notices from LogMeIn informing them that the popular LogMeIn Free service is no longer going to be offered, and that customers can either upgrade to a paid LogMeIn product or their service will be cancelled in 7 days. Ouch! Since we’ve had a lot of people asking what…
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