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The Heartbleed Bug: Our Statement and Recommendations

The “Heartbleed bug” (formally named CVE-2014-0160) is a critical security bug discovered in some versions of OpenSSL (a piece of software that provides encryption on a large number of websites throughout the world). This bug can be exploited by hackers to read bits memory from of a protected server. The exposed memory could contain anything...
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LogMeIn Free is Gone, What To Do?

Many of our customers have been receiving notices from LogMeIn informing them that the popular LogMeIn Free service is no longer going to be offered, and that customers can either upgrade to a paid LogMeIn product or their service will be cancelled in 7 days. Ouch! Since we’ve had a lot of people asking what...
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Should my Business use DropBox or a Traditional Server?

Businesses today are facing a new challenge when it comes to storing, sharing, and backing up their company files. ¬†Historically, every company’s data was stored on a server, and accessed by workstations in the office. ¬†The server was able to store large volumes of data, centralize the backup responsibility, and share files with advanced permissions...
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