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Tracking My iPhone 3GS Shipment from my iPhone

As you all know, the iPhone 3G S is coming out this week.  Since I never upgraded from the original iPhone, I’ve decided it’s time to get myself a 3G S and enjoy the fast 3G connection, the turn-by-turn directions, the video camera, 32 gigabytes of storage, and more. Ever since I pre-ordered the phone...
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Obama Campaign iPhone App

As most of you know, we at Computer Courage are quite fond of our iPhones and the applications that can be downloaded for the iPhone.   We’re currently using a slew of new applications such as WootWatch, Facebook 2.0, Sportacular, and FlyCast (listen to radio over WiFi or cellular network – very cool!) Barack Obama says...
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iPhone Applications – A Few of Our Favorites

It’s no secret that Computer Courage is a big fan of the iPhone.  While the news about the new, slightly faster iPhone 3G has been big news around the internet, we’re sticking with our old iPhones and enjoying the onslaught of new applications that are available for any iPhone.  Here are a few of our...
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