Upgrade Advice – Mozy Internet Backup 1.0 for Mac released

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Anyone who has had an in-home appointment with the Computer Courage team knows that we take backup seriously.  We believe in a two-way backup – one local, hard drive backup coupled with one internet-based backup.  Our favorite online backup is Mozy.  Mozy offers users a free 2 gigabyte account, a $5 per month account with unlimited backup, and terrific business solutions.  Mozy silently and reliably backs up your data, with multiple versions per day.  Contact Us and we’ll talk to you more about backup for your home or business.

This is just a quick update for Mac users of Mozy.  Version 1.0 is finally out.  If you’ve been using Mozy, you’ve been using a “beta” (test) version, which was all that was available until now.  We highly recommend the upgrade, which is not yet automatic.  The upgrade will give you more control over upload speeds, and more reliable performance overall.  You can upgrade yourself by following these instructions:

  1. Go to www.mozy.com
  2. Log in with your email and password
  3. Click “download mozy” in the corner
  4. Click “download for Mac”
  5. Download the file, which is a Universal DMG image.
  6. Open the DMG file, and double-click on the installer.
  7. Run the installer with all the default options.
  8. When the installer is done, unmount it and delete it.

That’s it – you are upgraded to Mozy 1.0.  If you are a PC Mozy user, you have nothing to worry about, you’ve been getting automatic updates all along.

If you don’t have Mozy yet, and you want 2 gigabytes of free backup or $5 for unlimited backup, go to www.mozy.com today and sign up for your copy.

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