How to Understand and Avoid Phishing Scams

Phishing email scams are a very dangerous trend in online security. These scams are nearly impervious to antivirus and security software because they trick users into voluntarily giving up their account credentials without the use of viruses or malicious software. This article is intended to help you identify, understand, and avoid these scams and the dangers...
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WordPress Update Notification

Last week we automatically upgraded all of our web hosting customers to the latest version of WordPress.   This release features security fixes for very rare, but serious threats. It was installed for all of our hosting customers on the same day that it was released by We strive to deliver you the latest security and...
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Forming Functional and Friendly Forms – June Web Design News

customer listening to tablet with tea

School is out for summer, but Computer Courage is here to educate you about web design and WordPress skills all summer long. This is the first of a series of educational newsletters to help you get more out of your website. This month we highlight the amazing integration of Gravity Forms and WordPress. Gravity Forms...
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5 Ways to Automate Your Small Business Processes with Gravity Forms and WordPress

gravity form logo

What are Gravity Forms? Did you know that you can use Gravity Forms to automate business processes like customer support, order forms, and invoice payments? Here at Computer Courage we love showing our clients how a time consuming task like responding to and routing contest requests can easily be automated using a simple Gravity Form....
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The Heartbleed Bug: Our Statement and Recommendations

The “Heartbleed bug” (formally named CVE-2014-0160) is a critical security bug discovered in some versions of OpenSSL (a piece of software that provides encryption on a large number of websites throughout the world). This bug can be exploited by hackers to read bits memory from of a protected server. The exposed memory could contain anything...
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The Metropolitan

Computer Courage has teamed up with local real estate developers Hudson McDonald once again to make another in a series of beautiful websites for their development properties. The Metropolitan is a brand new housing facility for UC Berkeley students and offers a convenient on-site application feature....
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By Leah

Photographer Leah McCormick is an artist with original vision for photography and design. Leah worked in Photoshop to create a unique design for her website, then worked with Computer Courage to turn her vision into reality. We worked carefully with Leah to preserve her artistic vision including animation, fonts, and unique formatting, while helping her...
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