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LogMeIn Free is Gone, What To Do?

Many of our customers have been receiving notices from LogMeIn informing them that the popular LogMeIn Free service is no longer going to be offered, and that customers can either upgrade to a paid LogMeIn product or their service will be cancelled in 7 days. Ouch! Since we’ve had a lot of people asking what…
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Corinthian Catering & Dining

Corinthian Catering & Dining has a beautiful venue for weddings and corporate events, and now has a beautiful website to match. Computer Courage built a modern, elegant, full screen website for CCD with a rich content management system based on WordPress, allowing CCD staff to easily swap out text, photos, and offers on their site…
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When the team at DisplayPort wanted to make a major impact at CES 2014, they teamed up with a local ad agency and Computer Courage.  Together, we built a modern campaign to show the world the power of DisplayPort in a simple, flowing, storyline-based site.  The new site has the same core codebase we wrote…
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CONCUR, Inc. is a Bay Area-based environmental consulting firm helping to resolve regional and global environmental conflicts through research, analysis, and collaborative negotiation. As a function of its early legacy, in 2013 CONCUR, Inc. had an old text-heavy website that could only be edited with confusing, expensive software. CONCUR, Inc. took the initiative to contact…
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NCFIA, the Anti-Fraud Alliance, returned to Computer Courage in 2013 for a redesign of their site and an upgrade of the site’s functionality.  We built the original site using WordPress back in mid-2010.  In 2013, we were able to swap out the old design with a beautiful new flat style, and upgrade their functionality to…
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A Simpler Website Content Writing Strategy – Primary Pages

At Computer Courage we build websites for a diverse group of customers, and we see a common challenge for our clients: writing site content takes a long time. Our websites feature a great content management system (based on WordPress) to take out all the technical challenges of managing content on a website, but the process…
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MN Builders

Computer Courage is proud to announce the launch of for MN Builders in Oakland. MN Builders does beautiful construction, custom cabinetry, and millwork in the San Francisco Bay Area.  This site matches their elegant designs and friendly approach with a sleek side scrolling interface, with a responsive design for mobile phones.  The site features…
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Berkeley Food Institute

Computer Courage and UC Berkeley have teamed up once again to create another high quality website for a prominent new UC Berkeley program – the Berkeley Food Institute.  We designed this site to follow the UC Berkeley style guides yet still maintain a unique and organic identity for the program.  Check out the scrolling slideshows,…
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International Sandalwood Foundation

Computer Courage is proud to announce the launch of a new website for the International Sandalwood Foundation, a worldwide 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of sandalwoods. We have a passion for working with nonprofits – check out our nonprofit portfolio.  


Computer Courage is very proud to announce MACK – a unique and modern shopping website with a powerful responsive whole room shopping interface allowing customers to browse entrie rooms and purchase products. This site features advanced e-commerce, AJAX processing of MySQL and PHP for performance optimization, email marketing, and custom logo design.

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